We want to help you quit fast fashion.

We’re a couple of fashion nerds who want to help you make more intentional consumer choices. Clothing and lists are just the beginning.

We want to be intentional and thoughtful about the way we run this business, too, so we came up with values that will help guide our decisions.


Your size included

For our curated list, this means we actively serve sizes XS-3XL, but seek to expand the range to be as inclusive as possible. For our personalized service, this means we will collect your size info up front to help you avoid returning items because they don’t fit.

Your gender included

We do not sort our goods by “men’s” and “women’s”. You want a skirt? Go to the skirts section. We want to avoid gender conformity and still make it easy for you to find what you want.

Commitment to social equity

Because we’re tired of goods and services that cater to rich thin white folks, aren’t you? We strive for high quality, low cost for all and offer breaks for people who need it.

Reduce waste

Right now this means:

  • Zero pressure to buy!
  • No wasteful subscription boxes!
  • Direct from the seller means no extra shipping!

Open and honest

We’ll do our best to share our values and the reasons we make decisions that impact our customers.

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